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Dentists Identity Guard

Identity theft is on the rise

Take the first step in protecting your identity with Dentists Identity Guard

Doctors Financial Resources offers a comprehensive identity theft service exclusively for dentists, their families and staff.

Doctors Financial Resources has helped over 3,000 dentists protect their good names and reputations by monitoring their personal and business identities and offering the following services:

  • Monitor both personal and business credit reports and immediately alert you of any changes that can be considered harmful to your credit files.
  • Examine real estate transactions to ensure no one is using your name fraudulently to obtain real estate loans or attempting to transfer title of any real property.
  • Recover your patients’ identities in the event of any confidential information contained within your office being accessed as a result of a data breach and/or stolen patient information.
  • As your agent for service of process, keep a close eye on your identity to alert you of any accusations and/or lawsuits filed against you or your practice.
  • Examine your online reviews and alert you of anything alarming and/or harming to your reputation.

Identity Theft is on the Rise

Identity theft is becoming more and more common each year. In 2018, hackers stole the personal information of 148 million Americans in a single breach. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are 74 robberies every hour in the United States – but nearly 2,000 identity theft events.

Get Protected

It’s not a matter of if, but when.

If your information has ever been compromised in a breach, you are eleven times more likely to be a victim of identity theft.

Thieves steal more than just money.

There are many types of identity theft—financial, criminal, Social Security, medical, IRS—and the list keeps growing. Cleaning up the mess could take you hundreds of hours of work.

Dentists Identity Guard
Takes Over All the Recovery Work

Dentists Identity Guard will take care of all the work to restore your identity,
providing true white-glove service by a Certified Recovery Specialist.

Proactive Monitoring & Alerts

We monitor your personal info and alert you when changes are detected, dramatically reducing your risk of becoming an identity theft victim.

Customer Service 24/7/365

Whether you have a question or need to report an ID theft event, our U.S.-based support team is available around the clock for guidance and assistance.

Protects Against All Types of ID Theft

We cover financial fraud, medical ID theft, tax fraud, criminal ID theft, Social Security fraud, child ID theft, benefits and employment fraud and title fraud.

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